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Opening Reception September 15, 7pm to Midnight.
Showing September 15 thru December 12, 2022.

“iCONZ” at Gibs Bar portrays reverent and mysterious Archetypes, from Angels to Vampires. Though they appear from subconscious evocations of Mushka, these wandering spirits are relatable to those slightly dark or macabre Nursery Rhymes instilled upon us as children.

A touch of technology represents itself with captured images of “Sculpted Paintings” created in Virtual Reality. In the virtual setting these figures are sculpted in life-size scale as loose gesture drawings in abstract form.

The “iCONZ” exhibit also presents a few rare preserved Etch-A-Sketch drawings that tributes to Classical and Modern masterpieces. These “Classic One-Liners” are literally twisted works!

Event Curated by Jennika Bastian.
Current solo exhibition at Gib's House
1380 Williamson Street, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

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