Growing up in southern Wisconsin I was fortunate to have friends and family support my path of art and music. After having transplanted myself to the dreamy Caribbean, New England and New York, I am now back home in Madison, where I volunteer for the MMoCA and continue Life Drawing investigations on UW campus. I am also passionate of the Theremin, conjuring magical melodies from the ethers - show tunes, classical and science fiction, on the street and at workshops, raising funds toward kids with cancer.

Michael "Mushka" Yurkew

Highlights of Career Accomplishments

• Developing signage, catalogs, consumer apparel and packaging for upcoming television programs and blockbuster films for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Marvel and DC Comics, Nickelodeon, Disney and Warner Brothers.

• Initiating and producing a wide range of artwork used in trade shows, Email campaigns, CMS websites, brochures, catalogs and large-scale banners, light boxes, and promotional merchandise.

• Establishing and enhancing brands for local clients and groups such as Mitsubishi Electric, Primedia Publications and Girl Scouts.

• Producing catalogs, CD covers and packaging spanning diverse companies such as Mattel, Sony Music, and Spectrum Brand’s pet wellness products.

• Directing photo sessions for consumer products, selected models and processed images for most effective visual communication. 



The Museum School at Tufts


UW Wisconsin - Madison

Exhibitions - Sculpture, painting and performance

Huntington, NY

Old San Juan, PR

Madison, WI

Portsmith, NH

Minneapolis, MN

Chicago, IL

Volunteer work and Licensing

Certified Wisconsin Art Teacher, Grades 5-12

Director at Large, Board of Volunteers, MMoCA

Docent, MMoCA

Zaibas Lithuanian Dance Troupe

Theremin Workshops at Madison Children's Museum


Contact Me

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