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“The creative adult is the child who survived.” — Ursula Le Guin

Mushka is a multidisciplinary artist and performer based in Madison. A graduate of The Museum School at Tufts, he is the founder of the downtown Mushka Studios, specializing in figurative painting, illustration, costumes and graphic design. 

Mushka has made a lifelong creative career in unique industries, working on various projects for clients such as Warner Brothers, DC Comics, and Nickelodeon. His unique and playful styles blend Classical and Contemporary techniques which he gratefully owes to supportive friends and family.

Mushka is also passionate about the Theremin – conjuring magical melodies from the ethers, raising funds toward kids with cancer.

Michael "Mushka" Yurkew

Highlights of Career Accomplishments

• Developing signage, catalogs, consumer apparel and packaging for upcoming television programs and blockbuster films for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Marvel and DC Comics, Nickelodeon, Disney and Warner Brothers.

• Initiating and producing a wide range of digital artwork used in trade shows, Email campaigns, CMS websites, brochures, catalogs and large-scale banners, light boxes and promotional merchandise.

• Establishing and enhancing brands for local clients and groups such as Mitsubishi Electric, Primedia Publications and Girl Scouts.

• Producing catalogs, CD covers and packaging spanning diverse companies such as Mattel, Sony Music and Spectrum Brand’s pet wellness products.

• Directing photo sessions for consumer products, selecting models and processing images for most effective visual communication. 



The Museum School at Tufts


UW Wisconsin - Madison

Exhibitions - Sculpture, painting and performance

Huntington, NY

Old San Juan, PR

Madison, WI

Portsmith, NH

Minneapolis, MN

Chicago, IL

Volunteer work and Licensing

Certified Wisconsin Art Teacher, Grades 5-12

Co-Vice President, Board of Volunteers, MMoCA

Docent, MMoCA

Zaibas Lithuanian Dance Troupe

Theremin Workshops at Madison Children's Museum


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